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Association Works Approach To President/CEO Searches

The selection of a President/CEO is one of the most important decisions that a volunteer Board of Directors will make. It is imperative that the Board, through a formally appointed Search Committee, maintain focus on the few critical aspects of the search process:

  • Identifying the attributes sought in a new President/CEO
  • Conducting reference phone calls
  • Interviewing finalist candidates
  • Making the decision using pre-established criteria

In close partnership with volunteer leadership, we provide expertise and assume responsibility for:

  • Identification of outstanding leaders in the field
  • Proactive recruitment
  • Facilitating the process
  • Assisting in the development of attribute and competency requirements
  • Development of job description
  • Assisting in determination of compensation and benefits package
  • Development of job advertising copy
  • Advertising and recruitment
  • Being the primary contact for applicants and potential applicants
  • Assuring a fair process for all candidates
  • Administering and interpreting DiSC Personal Profiles for each finalist
  • Receiving and acknowledging applications
  • Ranking resumes for Committee consideration
  • Developing a Search Resource book for use by the Search Committee including interview questions, interviewing guidance, ranking forms, etc.
  • Advising Chair and committee on pertinent issues
  • Assisting in design for the actual interviews
  • Meeting scheduling, notices, logistics, etc.
  • Notifying unsuccessful candidates and providing feedback
  • Coordinating reference checking
  • Conducting background, criminal, and credential reviews
  • Assist with the transition after the selection
  • Maintaining confidentiality throughout the process

Our purpose is to do the necessary work to assure a professionally conducted process and at the same time partner with the Search Committee so that it can remain focused on the critical decisions. We value your commitment and assure you that the time spent in meetings and on conference calls is of the highest quality (actual number and type of meetings to be mutually determined). The entire process from public announcement to President/CEO selection is usually three/four months. Our process is guaranteed. We will work with you until the position is filled.