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Myers-Briggs in Organizations

When was the last time you provided your volunteers and staff a training experience that was relevant to their nonprofit work and their personal lives? That was useful and fun? That increased awareness of self and others?

Association Works offers a series of self-affirming Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) training programs that permit your Board, Committee and staff members to better understand and value their individual strengths and unique gifts. Through thoughtful exploration of predictable patterns--or types--of behavior, program participants acquire useful insights that enhance their personal and professional communications, cooperation and productivity.

The MBTI, a validated self-report questionnaire, is the most widely used instrument for understanding normal personality similarities and differences in the world. Based on Carl Jung's theory of psychological type, the MBTI reports natural individual preferences for energy, information gathering, decision-making and lifestyle. It can be used to support effective:

  • Self-development
  • Organizational development
  • Volunteer/staff leadership training
  • Team building
  • Communications enhancement
  • Change management
  • Conflict resolution/problem solving
  • Whether introducing MBTI to your organization . . . refreshing fundamental concepts for key players . . . or expanding current MBTI competencies, Association Works has a program for you. Led by a nationally qualified instructor in accordance with highest training and ethical standards, our offerings can help you to take your volunteers and staff to a new level of individual and team performance.

    Let us tailor an MBTI program to meet your organization's developmental needs. You'll be glad you did.

    We guarantee it.